Hi, I'm John Braun.

While majoring in Advertising at the University of West Florida, I started a small carpet cleaning company so I could practice my advertising skills. It seemed hypocritical to me to tell others how to advertise without putting the theories into practice with my own money. I not only wanted to learn the theories of advertising, but find out what REALLY works. I've owned Premium Carpet Care in Pensacola, Florida for the last 10 years where I tested ads and created one of the most well known, high-end companies in my area. Also, I've written articles for the trade publications Cleanfax and ICS Cleaning Specialist Magazines. Now, I want to help you get the most for your advertising dollar.

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Here's what you'll get:

Ads you can use to start getting profitable advertising right away
  • 29 brand NEW ads you can use to get clients NOW
  • Ad campaigns to target consumers who have pets
  • Ad campaigns to easily get high dollar tile cleaning jobs
  • 1 letter to plumbers to get tons of water damage jobs
  • 1 VERY profitable targeted neighborhood flyer
  • 1 neighborhood salesletter to get you clients in the best neighborhoods
  • 1 water damage brochure to educate clients so they don't question your price
  • 1 tile cleaning brochure to sell high dollar tile jobs
  • 1 press release to expose bait and switch cleaners
  • 2 postcards that bring in a constant flow of repeat business
  • 9 proven newspaper ads that give up to a 15 - 1 return
  • 3 yellow pages ads that set you miles apart from the competition
  • One phrase to add to your yellow pages ads that can double response
  • 1 newsletter example to bring you jobs from current clients
  • Dozens of killer headline examples—all yours to use
  • Get your clients to clean more often by sending them two simple postcards

Learn the techniques to get a 20 to 1 return on your advertising
  • Double ad response by learning to write amazing, believable benefits
  • Find your USP by filling out this simple worksheet
  • The magic formula that makes benefits hit your prospect hard
  • Avoid the 7 deadly sins of advertising most cleaners have no clue about
  • Sell your service at high prices with these advanced copywriting tips
  • Learn how pictures can be used to better tell your story
  • Discover how to use appeals that motivate your prospect to buy
  • Draw attention to your newspaper ad with this little trick
  • See a complete case study of advertising in my cleaning company
  • Find out which media are best to get you the most profit
  • Dominate any neighborhood with this powerful ad campaign
  • Why you should hesitate to advertise in FREE publications
  • Which advertising media work the best for carpet cleaning companies?
  • How to get clients to visit your web site
  • Catapult your website to the top of search engines
  • 7 tips that will make your ads more believable
  • Brand NEW ad concepts your competition has never considered using

Special Bonuses:

  • ONE FREE ad makeover to assure you get the most profit from your ads ($200 value)
  • DVD of John's recent presentation at Howard's Roundtable on "Choosing the Best Media" ($97 value)
  • DVD of John's presentation on "Avoid the 5 Advertising Sins" ($97 value)
  • CD audio of John's interview with Howard Partridge on Proven Copywriting Tactics ($47 value)
  • Access to the member area of the Hitman website where you can download all the pictures and word files of the flyers and letters in the manual.

Over $444 of Bonuses!

You get the entire package for only $397.

Start making your advertising profitable today.

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