Hi, I'm John Braun.

While majoring in Advertising at the University of West Florida, I started a small carpet cleaning company so I could practice my advertising skills. It seemed hypocritical to me to tell others how to advertise without putting the theories into practice with my own money. I not only wanted to learn the theories of advertising, but find out what REALLY works. I've owned Premium Carpet Care in Pensacola, Florida for the last 10 years where I tested ads and created one of the most well known, high-end companies in my area. Also, I've written articles for the trade publications Cleanfax and ICS Cleaning Specialist Magazines. Now, I want to help you get the most for your advertising dollar.

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Products and Services:

Direct response copywriting with a twist of brand advertising to put your advertising on steroids. With my formal education I learned many theoretical techniques and styles to be schooled as a professional writer. In addition, I have learned from top direct response copywriters such as Brian Keith Voiles, Dan Kennedy, and Ray Edwards. This combination rolls together a well-rounded knowledge of advertising writing.


  • Newspaper ads that set you apart from the competition. I built my business with powerful newspaper ads.
  • Radio spots that gain attention and memorability.
  • Television scripts that immediately sell your service.
  • Direct mail--salesletters and postcards to current clients or new prospects.
  • Brochures that educate your prospects and put them at ease when hiring you.
  • Billboards to stake your claim as the cleaner of choice in any neighborhood.
  • Ad campaigns created for you to maximize your advertising budget.

    Media Planning

    We'll help you create the most effective advertising plan to give you the most bang for your buck. No, we're not an advertising agency that makes a commission off the media you buy. You pay us for a consultation. If our media planning advice doesn't help you, you don't have to pay for our service. That's the way advertising advice should be.

    Advertising Education

    To learn specific advertising tactics for a home-service business, get the manual "Secrets To Highly Profitable Advertising." This manual is what every home service company MUST know if they are going to make money from their advertising. This guide has everything I've learned from my Bachelor's in Advertising, plus 10 years of experience and how it applies to the home service industry. Just click on the box to the right and you'll find out how this package can make your advertising give as big as 20 to 1 returns on your dollar.

    Ad Critiques

    Get the most from the ad you have written. Send your ad to us to have it throughly reviewed. We'll send you back recommendations of how to better your ad. Your advertising dollars will be put to the best use. You will never waste money again. This service can easily double your response rate.

Click here to email me with any questions or price quotes. Or, you can call us at (850) 474-1110 .

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